The Roland R07 is a versatile portable recorder with handy Bluetooth skills

There is no shortage of transportable recorders on the market, however the Roland R07 caught my eye with its distinctive appearanceboost that the actual fact that it’s one in every of the sole such recorders with Bluetooth, and it makes for a compelling package that stands get in the market.

At $199, It’s somewhat of a midrange recorder – not as costly because the flagship Zooms and Tascams of the word, however ready to give a more-than-obvious improvement over what you’ll be able to capture on your smartphone.

First, some key specs and features:

2 track recording a pair of|and a couple of|and a pair of} track playback
24bit/96KHz recording
16-hour battery life on AAs, however will maintain power via MicroUSB
Auto record beginautomobile song split,
4 reverb effects
Built-in piece of writing options
Pre-record: will record 2 seconds of audio before pressing the record button
Blutooth device and streaming (AptX Low-latency compatible)
Dual-recording hybrid electrical circuit at the same time records 2 tracks at separate volumes to forestall clipping
Headphone jack and line-in
Comes in white black or red.
Built-in speaker
Metronome, tuner, and graphic Tuner integral
1/4″ rack hole
For such a compact entry-level device, the R07 features a big range of options that ought to cowl most people’s use cases. and that i do mean compact; it’s concerning the scale of a bar of soap or deck of cards, and will be smallfor many users (not that I usually go pocketing bars of soap).

The interface is simple to know. A ‘scene’ button helps you to quickly switch between settings optimized for various eventualities. ‘Music HiRes,’ for example sets it to the most quality setting and allows the electrical circuitto forestall clipping. however if you’re simply exploitation the recorder for Voice memos, AN applicable scene cancut back the recording quality to avoid wasting house and add automatic gain management to form certain your voice stays an identical volume.

There’s conjointly the handy ‘Rehearsal’ button, that permits you to try and do a fast mic check to permit the recorder to mechanically set the simplest settings for your recording setting and input levels. And for alternativeoptionsyou’ll be able to enter the menu, from that you’ll be able to extensively customise settings, furthermore as notice the pendulum and tuner functions.

Bluetooth capability is neat, as it’s not one thing you see on alternative merchandise – though it’s not while notcaveats. If you’re exploitation Bluetooth headphones to watch your recordings, there’ll be a small quantity of lag unless your headphones support AptX Low Latency (few do, and wired headphones can still be faster). It’s fine if you’re recording an incident or scene, however noticeable enough to be distracting if you’re exploitation it to record yourself taking part in AN instrument or singing.

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