Valve may be working on a new game code-named Citadel

Those mysterious wizards at Valve area unit up to one thing, and it’s going to be associated with Half-Life. What specifically goes on is not clear, however supported recent updates to existing Valve games, it’s one thing to try and do with the strongholdwithin the video below, Valve News Network’s Tyler McVicker explains what the community has unearthed in a very recent low-level engine update to Dota a pair of.

Initially, stronghold looked as if it would see level within the still-unannounced Half-Life VR project, howeverMcVicker says that it eventually became apparent that it’s a wholly separate supply a pair of project. What it’dtruly be is anybody’s guess, however it “has loads of things associated with hiding, AI pathfinding, and a top-view minimap,” and in step with McVicker is unquestionably not the “flagship” VR game Valve excited earlier this year.
Interesting, right? in fact, as McVicker is careful to mentionthere is not any confirmation this is often a brand newHalf-Life game, or that it’s even a shooter. Since the stronghold project seems to be employing a similar supply a pair of build as Dota a pair oflikelihood is pretty smart it is a top-down ways game.

But supply a pair of will do loads of things, and there is extremely no telling what stronghold goes to seem like—yet. Is there still area within the world for a brand new Half-Life? i am reaching to act and guess “yes.”

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