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Google Pixel 4 XL case render leak shows all the angles we haven’t seen before

The Google element four leaks area unit returning quicker and quicker, and there’s a brand new one for the larger Google element four XL these days allegedly showing the coming smartphone from the highest, bottom and aspect to aspect – virtually an entire image of the device.

This leak comes courtesy of Twitter user Sudhanshu Ambhore (@sudhanshu1414) and originally noticed by MSPowerUser. The tweets purport to indicate the element four XL at intervals and beside clear cases.
This leak lines up with previous ones … mostly. It will so sing their own praises a sq. triple-camera housing within the higher left of the rear – a heavy departure for the single-rear-lens Google element line – and far dilutant aspect bezels, also as an evident ditching of the notch by returning to an easy blacked-out high edge.

The differences? The previous Google element four XL leak – our initial potential check out the phone – showed off twin front-facing cameras clustered to the left of a central speaker. The new leak has them on either aspect of presumptively wherever a central speaker would be (there isn’t one visible within the render). Plus, there’s an additional little aperture to the correct of the rear camera’s electric lamp, too little to be a lens, that would be a “spectral sensor” for low-light photography, PhoneArena theorizes.

They’re intriguing divergences since we will solely speculate that one is nearer to the reality, particularly since Google’s own tauntingly cropped reveal of the Google element four doesn’t facilitate either case.
So, what will the new leak show?
Aside from supporting the form and format we’ve seen in previous leaks, the new angles offer United States of America an inspiration of what options the Google element four XL can – and can not – embody.

Obviously, Google’s own reveal lacked a rear-mounted fingerprint detector, therefore we tend to may safely predict that each versions of the new phone can embody associate in-screen fingerprint sensor; all the cool phones do it this year, from the mighty Samsung Galaxy S10 to the midrange Moto Z4. the shortage of a cutout on either aspect of the case render rules out a side-mounted fingerprint detector.

Sadly, we tend to solely see a USB-C port at very cheap, therefore there’s not abundant hope for a three.5mm phone jack creating a comeback when it amazingly appeared within the midrange Google element 3a. The port is additionally flanked by 2 grille ports – on the face of it for speakers – which implies the new flagship might not have forward-facing audio (though, it may are available in stereo from the highest phone, because the iPhone XS does).

In any case, these area unit simply preliminary renders, and heaps of details can be wrong within the final version. One thing’s for sure: your Google element four cases area unit progressing to look funky therewith huge sq. cutout.

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